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TILDA Conference


Tilburg Digital Aesthetics Conference

22-23 September 2022

Organized by Nathan Wildman


Arguably, the most significant development in modern aesthetics is the ready availability of increasingly powerful computing technology. This technology not only makes possible radically new art forms, but also provides artists with new tools & methods for approaching more familiar artistic forms. So, new technological developments have expanded artists’ repertoire, leading to the creation of digital art.

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in philosophical interest in digital art, which has direct bearing on a number of standard aesthetic issues but also raises entirely new topics of concern. Hence, per Thomson-Jones and Moser, ‘there is still a great deal of philosophical work to be done‘ when it comes to understanding digital art.

This conference aims to be a jumping-off point for doing some of this work, by bringing together researchers thinking and writing on digital aesthetics.


Thursday 22 September

9:30-10:00Welcome & Coffee :)
10:00-10:45Claire AnscombHybridized, influenced, or evolved? A typology to aid the categorization of digital arts
10:45-11:30Matthew Rowe
The digital and the digitised
12:00-12:45Elzė MikalonytėCan AI make art?
12:45-13:30Beatriz RodriguesAI art as a collaborative practice
14:30-15:15Alessio AntoniniTo link or not to link
15:15-16:00Catherine Robb, Alfred Archer, & Georgie MillsAesthetic power
16:30-17:15Marco ArientiWhat are immersive images?
17:15-18:00Lucie ChateauThe alienated aesthetics of image degradation

Friday 23 September

10:30-11:00Welcome & Coffee :)
11:00-11:45Gemma Schino, Lisa-Maria van Klavern,
Héctor G. Gallegos González, Ralf F. A. Cox
Measuring the art experience of virtual reality and physical art installations in real life
11:45-12:30Alex FisherVirtual Reality as fictional or real
12:45-13:30Helen Ryland &
Heather Widdows (online)
Thin with extra curves: the beauty of avatars
14:30-15:15John Tillson et al (online)Big data, moral education, and adaptive games
15:15-16:00Karl EgertonInvestigating the spatiotemporal in videogames
16:30-17:15Alexandre DeclosVideogames and variation
17:15-18:00Nele van de MosselaerBeautiful cheese: the aesthetic value of trivializing challenges in digital games
if u can read this u dont need glasses

Registration & Accessibility

  • Registration is required. To do so, email Nathan Wildman ( with ‘TILDA Registration’ as the subject.
  • Participants can join the conference either in person or via Zoom (link will be sent to those registered prior to the start of the event)