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Selected Invited & Refereed Talks


  • TBA, Essence & Necessity Conference, Tübingen
  • ‘A moral argument for (some) video games’ (w/A. Cawston), Educating Character through the Arts Conference, Birmingham
  • ‘The aesthetics of virtual and augmented reality’, Transforming Art Summer School, Tilburg
  • ‘Virtual Reality: Digital or fictional?’ (w/N. McDonnell), ESA Conference, Maribor
  • ‘From modal to post-modal metaphysics’, EPS seminar, Tilburg
  • ‘The Ethics of Data Philanthropy’, Impact Seminar, Tilburg
  • ‘Contingent fundamentality, modal freedom, and explanatory necessitation’, Amsterdam Metaphysics Seminar, Amsterdam
  • ‘Powerful Anti-Zombies?’, Senior Seminar, Glasgow


  • ‘Virtual Reality: Digital or Fictional?’, EPS seminar, Tilburg
  • ‘Do you want to play a game? The role of games in the moral education of AIs’, Games, Values, and AI Workshop, Cambridge
  • ‘Necessity by accident’, OZSW Conference, Utrecht
  • ‘A Moral Argument for Video Games’ (w/A. Cawston), Video Games and Virtual Ethics, London
  • ‘Enduring Senses’ (w/G. A. Forbes), 2017 Joint Sessions, Edinburgh
  • ‘Virtual Realism and Virtual Fictionalism’, Philosophy of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Glasgow





  • ‘Essence for anti-metaphysicians’, PERSP Seminar, Barcelona
  • ‘Vindicating aesthetic essentialism?’, Institutskolloquium, Hamburg
  • ‘Revisiting & Refining sparse modalism’, MCMP Metaphysics Seminar, LMU Munich
  • ‘A not so Fine reply’, 2013 Joint Sessions, Exeter
  • ‘What’s wrong with weak necessity?’, Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)possible, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • ‘What’s wrong with weak necessity?’, The Work of Saul Kripke Conference, Nebraska-Omaha
  • ‘How to be a modalist about essence’, Visiting Researcher Speaker series, Aarhus



  • ‘Fundamental problems’, Fundamentality and Grounding Workshop, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • ‘Serious problems with serious essentialism’, 2011 Joint Sessions, Sussex

2010 or earlier

  • ‘Worlds of fiction: truth and interpretation’. On the Possibility of Worlds, Princeton University (April 2009)
  • ‘How not to have a minimal ontology’, 2009 Joint Sessions, UEA (July 2009)
  • ‘Sparse modalism’, Moral Sciences Club, Cambridge (February 2009)
  • ‘Evaluating Blackburn’s dilemma’, 2008 Joint Sessions, Aberdeen (July 2008)
  • ‘Real worlds & reductive accounts: a Lewisian response to McGinn’. Open Minds II, University of Manchester (June 2008)