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My primary research touches upon issues in metaphysics, philosophy of language, logic, and aesthetics. I am especially interested in the foundations of modality, where I am keen to explore modality’s connection with essence, contingentism, and the semantics of modal logic. I also have strong interests in the nature of fiction, particularly regarding the logic of fictional truth and the aesthetics of interactive fictions (e.g. video games and augmented/virtual reality). Finally, I have growing research interests in the philosophy of technology, as concerns AR/VR, the ethics of big data, artificial intelligence, and online interaction.

Secondary research interests of mine include topics in the philosophy of mind (consciousness, causal exclusion problems), philosophy of language (empty names, negative existentials, meaning change, semantic monsters), philosophy of religion (purgatory, escapist conceptions of hell), and the history of analytic philosophy (esp. Russell).

I am the leaf editor for the Essentialism, Origin Essentialism, and Mereological Essentialism sections on

Outside of philosophy, I put together jigsaw puzzles, play board games, and drink beer.

Click here for information about my (published and in-progress) papers and here for details on some of my recent talks.