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My primary research touches upon issues in metaphysics, philosophy of language, logic, and aesthetics. I’m especially interested in the foundations of modality, where I’m keen to explore modality’s connection with essence, as well as various forms of contingentism. I also have a developing project on the nature of interactive fictions, looking at the relationship between fictional incompleteness and interactivity, and whether interactive fictions can teach us things ‘traditional’ fictions cannot.

Secondary research interests of mine include the metaphysics of substances, metametaphysics and general philosophical methodology, topics in the philosophy of religion, and the nature of violence & pacifism.

I’m the leaf editor for the Essentialism, Origin Essentialism, and Mereological Essentialism sections on

Outside of philosophy, I spend a good bit of my time hanging out with my dog Ohle, trying to learn German, and playing/thinking about D&D.

Click here for information about my (published and in-progress) papers; meanwhile, click here for info about some recent talks.