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Feminist Philosophy Workshop!

Amanda Cawston and I are organizing a Feminist Philosophy Workshop, graciously supported by the University of Hamburg’s Frauenförderfonds. Check the workshop website for the Call for Abstracts and other information regarding this event!


Great Quote

“My taste is for keeping open house for all sorts and conditions of entities, just so long as when they come in they help with the house-work. Provided that I can see them at work, and provided that they are not detected in illicit logical behaviour … I do not find them queer or mysterious at all. To fangle a new ontological Marxism, they work therefore they exist, even though only some, perhaps those who come on the recommendation of some form of transcendental argument, may qualify for the specially flavoured status of entia realissima. To exclude honest working entities seems to me like metaphysical snobbery, a reluctance to be seen in the company of any but the best objects.” Grice (1975, 31)

Questions about Pictorial Content

Found the following blog post about pictorial content, which is utterly brilliant:

Definitely something to use if one is teaching a class on aesthetics. A neat exercise would be to do the same thing with texts, to compare how students/philosophers treat narrative fictions with pictures.

A token post for the calender update

Basically, what the subject says


Now I know what Steve Young felt like.

Calender post!

My hope is to eventually use this space to keep notes, blurbs, etc. for work; at the minute though, it just serves to keep the calender on the right there updated!

New URL!

My old website – if it can be called that – had one of the most ridiculous url’s in the history  (

In an effort to make things easier for anyone who wants to get in contact with me, I’ve shifted everything to this significantly shorter and easier to remember url!

Everything should be in order, but if any links are broken, please feel free to contact me.